back to article Apple crumbles: Mac sales slump while Dell, HP Inc, Lenovo shift PCs

Apple was the biggest loser in a Q2 that saw PC shipments down across the board. Research house Gartner reports that on the year-ago quarter, global shipments fell by 5.2 per cent overall, though the North American market showed some signs of life with a modest 1.4 per cent gain. Globally, Lenovo remained the single biggest …

  1. ratfox

    In b4 "Gartner always gets everything wrong, Apple will probably have a blockbuster year"

    1. Mikel

      I was going to go with "Gartner analyst blames Microsoft for failing to stimulate the PC market in the Future-Past tense. For the seventh consecutive year."

  2. rsole

    I can't help but feel that having an unchanged worldwide market share does not justify the title of this article.

    1. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

      The Headline...

      Is there solely to get page hits and thus revenue for the site. It is not that uncommon for headlines to slag off <insert target here> and when you get into the text, it is just a little jab and not the uppercut that the title teases us with.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Gartner... oh Gartner. Why do you bother?

    Apple, meanwhile, had a disastrous quarter in which Gartner estimates Mac shipments of 4.6 million units were down 4.9 per cent over the 2015 quarter, leading to a 7.1 per cent market share that dropped Apple to fifth globally behind Asus.

    Let me correct that for you, adding the correct levels of certainty.

    Apple, meanwhile, had a normal quarter in which Gartner found an oily tech-illiterate overpaid guess-monkey lurking around, and they guess that maybe Mac (whatever they are) shipments of a few million units were maybe down or up (we don't know, Apple hasn't told us) a couple of per cent over the 2015 quarter, leading to some sort of change in market share for Apple and maybe others too.

    1. Demogenes

      Re: Gartner... oh Gartner. Why do you bother?

      Humorous rewrite but... I don't think we can disagree with actually disagree with Gartners figures... and apple haven't released new products so everybody seems to be waiting for...

      If you as a vendor don't put out new products when the consumers wants it, then people hold off, waiting to see what is coming... That goes for the mac pro, macbook pro, macbook air. I know from myself I am waiting to see what is coming and for that reason I am keeping what I have for now.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I am, though, not surprised at the rise of Asus. They are making some pretty good stuff nowadays.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Asus

      They're making nice products. But they totally suck at making display hinges that last even a year.

  5. This post has been deleted by its author

  6. Fitz_

    I know it doesn't fit the anti-apple circlejerk narrative, but the reason for this is Apple haven't updated their laptops for a while, and are strongly rumoured to be announcing new models in September. Buyers are anticipating new models in a few months.

  7. deadlockvictim Silver badge


    What I'd like to know is what percentage of new machines sold that run the Mac OS were made by Apple.

  8. John Robson Silver badge

    Not replacing my mac...

    I don't need more computing power than the i5, I've put an SSD for boot & Applications, and last week grabbed a good deal on 16GB RAM, with the 4GB that was there going to a laptop (a great bonus).

    I have large amounts of directly attached external storage, and a nice long HDMI cable to my monitor.

    So it's 4 years old, and likely to last a good number more years - why would I buy another computer again?

  9. zo0ok

    Upgrades needed

    Apples offer is not very attractive currently.

    The Mac Mini is almost two years old, and that model was mostly worse and more expensive than the one before.

    For a long time Apple released upgrades almost twice per year on most products. Often nothing remarkable, just more memory and slightly faster CPU. This no progress whatsoever strategy cant be good.

    1. Justin Clift

      Re: Upgrades needed

      Yeah, I use a 2011 Mac mini (quad core) as my daily OSX desktop.

      It's fine for most stuff, and as I compile code (uses all cores) when doing development, a dual core Mac mini isn't going to cut it without slowing things down a bunch.

      I would be interested in a Mac Mini (quad process or higher) with a faster clock rate. That would be good. :)

      Apparently though Apple want people like me to purchase a Mac Pro instead. That's not going to happen.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Upgrades needed

        I'm happily using a Mac Pro for my computing needs, but it is a Mac Pro (Mid 2012) with 3.33 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon alu boxy thing - I missed the quad-core Mini blowout

        my kids who are heading to university have just received "Class-A" ebay refurb (by me) Core-i5 Lenovo X220's, maxed to 16GB ram, added nice SSD's, added nice spare SSD instead of 3G card,

        one needed a new IPS panel - £60. one needed a new battery - €82 they just work with Linux Mint, with Win10 as a backup OS.

        I saved thousands by not buying MBA's or whatever it is called that only has a single USBC, and I guarantee that no-one at uni will be stealing an old boring lenovo or two, try that with a shiny ULV cpu apple, gone in minutes. . . .

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    macOS Sierra / iOS 10

    Quite a few iMacs getting superficially chopped (unsupported) at the next macOS Sierra update.

    All of the iMac 24" models, which are still fantastic circa 2008/2009 when fitted with an SSD and have 1920x1200 displays, but only the 2009 model supported displayport output, before that Mini-DVI. Apple have foolishly not provided an update path for these users, no new 24" version.

    Shame, so many of these in our offices fell to the nVidia graphics failure that that hit so many PCs too.

    iPad 3 and below also getting ditched for upgrades too, so will be interesting to see if it causes any uptick, I'm not hopeful.

    Its possible Apple are struggling with the reliability of Skylake processors, like Microsoft have with the Surfacebook

  11. PghMike

    Apple's #s should be dropping

    Everyone knows that the current Macbook Air / Pro machines are due for a refresh. I'm typing this on a late 2011 machine Macbook Pro, which works fine; there's certainly no reason why I'd buy a replacement for it now when I expect a new, lighter, version within 6 months.

    I *should* buy a large SSD for it, but have been holding off, thinking that perhaps the next rev of the Macbook Pro will be cool enough to make it worth upgrading.

    If Apple wants its sales to improve, it'll have to ship new hardware. And not just a home use machine like the (relatively) new 12" Macbook.

  12. zo0ok

    A normal desktop, please

    I know this is just wishful thinking, but anyway...

    The MacMini is really nice, but it underperforms for the price and it cant be configured for performance. Build with laptop parts.

    The MacPro is really nice, but build with kind of extreme server parts and very pricy.

    The iMac contains basically the right consumer mix of CPU, RAM, storage and GPU, and can be used for gaming (there are so many Mac OS games on steam nowadays!). But it comes with a huge display that I dont want or need.

    Apple, how would it be to ship a little desktop build of desktop parts?

    Is everyone who wants this building a Hackintosh?

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    > Apple, how would it be to ship a little desktop build of desktop parts?

    Why would they want to do that? Part of Apple's model is an OS they control running on hardware they control for an allegedly stable experience and mark up.

    > Is everyone who wants this building a Hackintosh?

    As they demonstrated by abandoning the real Mac Pro a few years, replacing it with an underwhelming designer dustbin, they're not targeting the kind of people who would build a Hackintosh.

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