back to article Using Comcast biz phones? Hope you liked your afternoon off

Comcast says it is still investigating the cause of outages that killed its business phone service in the US on Tuesday. Reports of problems with the phone service began around midday, and the American telecom giant said that as of approximately 2:30pm Pacific time it was still trying to figure out why those on its small …

  1. a_yank_lurker Silver badge

    That Explains It

    I got an email saying phones are down locally and to use a cell number to contact a business. I am in one of the areas affected by Comcrap's outage. Internet and cable are still working - for now.

  2. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    I suspect the billing platform.

    For it to hit so many areas rules out a single point of failure like one backbone switch, and the fact it hit just one class of customer really does make it look like someone did something silly to the backend database. I'm betting someone applied a bad billing rule to the small business customers' accounts, realised if half way through the update and quickly cancelled it, but then realised they would have to go back through all the accounts database to find all those effected.

  3. Antron Argaiv Silver badge

    Frank in Mumbai... on it. He can definitely help with this issue, and apologises for the disruption.

  4. Fatman

    RE: Comcast FAIL

    Makes one wonder why any business would completely rid itself of land lines.

    Most likely dumbass MBA's hell bent on increasing shareholder value driving such lunacy.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This is happening to Comcast residential customers in the same areas. The odd thing is that this didn't start on my block until AT&T Fiber snuck in and had a bunch of Mexicans installing lines. There's been Service Disruptions since early May and have continued on a weekly basis, until yesterday. But wait, what about that Xfinity Mobile deal with Charter and Verizon. Wonder if equipment upgrades for that or some idiotic config issue from some foreign outsourced Tech, caused this and they're just trying to sweep it under a rug/cover it up?

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