Help with ethernet over TV antenna co-ax

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    Help with ethernet over TV antenna co-ax

    I moved house a couple of months ago and one of the things on my must-have list was a dedicated office space, which my new house has in the converted attic. However the entry point for the cable modem is two floors below in the lounge and the Wifi signal keeps dropping out, scuppering my VPN connection to work.

    My other half doesn't want me ripping holes in the wall to route Cat6 cables, and I don't want to spew interference across the EM spectrum with a powerline solution.

    However there is a co-axial cable running from the TV antenna in the roof space to a socket next to the cable modem. Is it feasible for both the DTV and another signal to share this cable? Googling a solution returns simple widgets with a co-ax connector and an RJ45 port for £0.25 (plus £10 p+p) or MoCA PoE extenders with a range of several kilometers and not much change out of £500. The most reasonable solution at £50 is this but it seems aimed at IP video cameras and there are no customer reviews.

    If anyone has any advice I would be very grateful. Might even buy someone a pint next time El Reg hosts an event in West Yorkshire...

    1. Wellyboot Silver badge

      Re: Help with ethernet over TV antenna co-ax

      Two years late but this may still help someone :)

      Simple signal sharing the co-ax cable is a non starter for all sorts of electrical & signal reasons.

      However, if it is it possible to run another length of co-ax outside this kit would do it. RG6 is better than RG58 for digital use, far more robust & cheap as chips compared to external rodent proof CAT6. The single co-ax wall faceplate can be replaced with a twin plate - lookup satellite faceplates online.

      The only new holes you will need is one from behind the living room outlet to outside and one from the attic. (both aimed slightly downward heading out)

      These kits used to be quite common when the old 50ohm thinwire ethernet was going away.

      Best option is to put CAT6 in the walls just before you redecorate the house, you may get that past the planning commitee if you can come up with some other uses for the cables. (SmartTV, use of networked printers in attic, landline extension)

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