back to article Got the Brexit fear? Keep calm and keep using AWS – Amazon UK boss

Amazon has urged customers to keep investing in cloud in the wake of British voters’ decision to leave the European Union. Gavin Jackson, AWS UK, Ireland and Europe managing director, said today that the best approach is to "keep calm and carry on". He was opening the AWS London Summit and tackled Brexit head on in front of 5, …

  1. JetSetJim

    Stop the press "cloud sales-person urges investment in cloud usage".

    Next story: Ursine excretory habits in woodland areas - do they really? (A break from Betteridge's law)

  2. Pen-y-gors

    But do we want a UK region?

    Given the predilection of UK governments to want to access any and all data owned by its citizens, ideally without their knowledge, a tendency that will probably get worse if Theresa 'Call me Stasi' May ends up as our PM, then maybe keeping our data offshore may be no bad idea. When are they setting up an Iceland region?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: But do we want a UK region?

      Theresa May will be watching you.

    2. Len

      Re: But do we want a UK region?

      Of course we want a UK region. How else are we to know which reason to avoid for our data? The UK region will just go on the blacklist next to the US region.

      1. Jon 37

        Re: But do we want a UK region?

        US courts believe that a US search warrant can be used to make US companies (such as Amazon) produce data they have, wherever it is stored. Even if it's in the UK.

        This is currently being appealed, so there's a chance the lower courts get overruled and common sense wins.


    3. goldcd

      My personal hope is that if she's PM

      She'll get distracted from the data-raping.

      FFS - not as if this idea spontaneously entered her mind after careful consideration of civil-liberties and IT awareness. Bored Home secretaries get taken to too many lunches and wake up with hangovers and and bad ideas (see also Jack Straw).

  3. AMBxx Silver badge

    Gartner today predicted the Leave vote will quickly affect IT spending

    That's reassuring. they get most things wrong

  4. andy bird

    If they bill in $ then no one can afford it over here

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