back to article Tech upstarts to pocket up to $5m from crowd-fund suckers, er backers

A pair of newly passed bills in the US Congress will increase the amount of money tech startups can raise to cover their early expenses. The Fix Crowdfunding Act (HR 4855) and the Supporting America's Investors Act (HR 4854) will raise the limits on money that companies can gather through crowdsourcing and venture capital …

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  2. GrandpaChris

    The best of America Startups

    Raising limits just makes sense. Risk can be less with more participants.

    My worst backing was a watch just before Apples introduced its watch. Got watch from ital be it never worked. My best backing was an Ebike for US$499 from #GOSONDORS which was paid for in zJanuary 2916 and arrived in Canada June 2016. Beautiful design and all aluminum.

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