back to article US constitution vs PRISM

An appeals court in the US will hear whether a criminal defendant had his constitutional rights violated by the NSA's PRISM programme later today. Mohamed Mohamud, a naturalised Somali-American, was convicted in 2013 of taking part in the 2010 Portland car bomb plot. His lawyers have argued Mohamud was entrapped as he would …

  1. Swarthy
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    Can we please have a series of articles following this, much like what we had with Samsung v. Apple, or SCO v Everyone? I would love to see how this progresses and how it turns out.

    Also, can we have a "Popcorn" Icon?

  2. allthecoolshortnamesweretaken

    My money is on 'move along, nothing to see here', but I would like to hear the court's reasoning.

  3. Mark 85 Silver badge

    Is it entrapment? Or just giving the guy what he was going do anyway? Once upon a time, a guy would come up to people on the street and ask if they wanted to buy a watch... Yeah, it was either a cheap counterfeit, broken, or stolen. The cops started doing it and arresting buyers for "receiving stolen goods". They argued that it wasn't entrapment because not every one bought one. Only those who would have done it anyway. So.. I'm not sure.

    As for PRISM, etc... I do think these sort of thing does need a test case all the way to Supreme Court.

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