back to article Amazon twangs its Elastic File System at on-premises filer rivals

Amazon has made its Elastic File System (EFS) available, opening up an assault on on-premises filers. EFS was first announced at the AWS summit in April last year with a preview coming later that year. It’s now available as a fully-managed service. Customers can make a few click choices in the AWS Management Console to have …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Ten times more expensive than S3? There will be a nice market for software which migrates infrequently-used data.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    But but but...

    ... NetApp has a virtual filer that can run as Virtual Instance in Amazon. Once you Snap Mirrored your Data into the NetApp-on-AWS Virtual Filer you can just move it over to EFS using your Hypervisors builtin Data Management Tools.

  3. GreggS

    -.33 Pound?

    They pay yo to store your data? Or just a dig at the post-Brexit Sterling fall?

  4. The Count

    An obvious product idea, but NFS always makes me want to run away run away....

  5. batfastad


    Having shared and managed persistent file storage available to ephemeral EC2 instances has been needed for a while. I always ended up hacking together EC2 NFS servers but having the scalability handled by someone else is great. We've been using it in preview for almost a year and it's been very solid.

  6. apraetor

    The Ireland prices are in USD on the Amazon site, so they either need to be listed in USD in the article or a price conversion performed.

  7. Steve Aubrey


    I tried looking up their East Region location on a map, but I couldn't seem to locate North Virginia.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Where?

      Really only a distinction to Virginians.

  8. InsaneGeek

    What??? Cheaper than filers?

    "For sure, it will look cheaper than on-premises filers"

    No for sure EFS is *more* expensive than on-premises filers. 100TB of EFS storage having the same 4x year lifespan as an on-premise filer.

    $0.30 * 48 months * 100TB = $1.440 million dollars, pretty sure you can get 100TB of EMC, NetApp, etc NAS storage, put it in a datacenter pay for power/cooling and an admin for much less.

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