back to article WTF is WRF and Clover? Cluster kids use HPC grunt to solve the mystery

One of the most interesting parts of the ISC Student Cluster competitions is their inclusion of “mystery” applications and tasks. These are something that the students can’t prepare for. They can only rely on their training and wits to bring them through. For the 2016 ISC competition, Pak Lui, the Cluster Master in Chief (CMC …

  1. tony2heads

    Team South Africa

    These guys & gals all come from two universities: Stellenbosch (locally known as Maties) an Witwatersrand (Wits for short).

    Somebody is clearly doing something right in those two institutions.

    1. Dan Olds

      Re: Team South Africa

      Yes, the institutions are doing great work, but I know that the CHPC (Center for High Performance Computing) has done a LOT of training with the kids. Happy Sithole and David Macleod have really put in a lot of effort into making the South African team a success - their program is amazing. I'm going to try to put together a feature on how they do it, since I've seen their homegrown challenge up close a couple of times.

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