back to article Powerful ARMs, heaving racks ... yes, of course it's this year's student cluster-building contest

It's time for our traditional video look at each of the teams in the ISC (International Supercomputing Conference) 2016 Student Cluster Competition. Let's take it alphabetically this time... Team Boston Green: They're one of two teams utilizing ARM processors to fuel their cluster. A lot of ARM processors, about 800 cores …

  1. Wiltshire

    Where's the Raspberry Pi cluster?

    1. Dan Olds'd need to find a way to bolt on a high speed interconnect like IB....but at about 4 watts each, you could probably use 600 of them for your cluster (you need to have some power left over to run disk and network infrastructure). It's going to take a lot of switches, but, hey, Mellanox would probably help out with

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