back to article Hyperconverger Springpath pivots to OEM channel. Yes, we said pivots. What of it?

Hyperconverged software startup Springpath is on a Cisco express hurtling to assault the market and bring UCS server-based HyperFlex systems to prominence. Springpath CEO Terry Cunningham joined in May 2015, coming from running EVault, the cloud backup service unit of Seagate, which Seagate folded back into its own …

  1. thegreatsatan

    more like dumped by cisco

    cisco courting nutanix and will be offering their sw on cisco kit soon enough, the springpath stuff was half baked and not ready for prime time. looks like this was a failure to launch and yet another example of cisco failing to do any form of due diligence. obviously not as bad as invicta given that cisco wasnt out half a billion for a non-functioning product with no customers. this time they were out a few million for a non-functioning product with no customers.

    things are looking up, obviously.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: more like dumped by cisco

      If you don't know what you're talking about, might be better to say nothing...

      Nutanix is certifying Cisco UCS because THEY (Nutanix) have lots of customers complaining about their poor hardware choices so far.

      Cisco is not validating Nutanix, nor offering it, nor selling, nor endorsing. Cisco is FIGHTING Nutanix and still driving with HyperFlex/SpringPath...

      Nutanix will be just like Simplivity - trying to ride the UCS sucess, but without and real Cisco endorsment... Cisco sales people only get payed on HyperFlex, not Simplivity, Nutanix or other stuff.

      And BTW SpringPath lacks functionalities, but KICKs ass on performance. Nutanix performance is still a joke...after all these years they are yet to publish a benchmarks showing the details behind it.

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