back to article Hewlett Packard Enterprise CTO, CCO to call it a day

Martin Fink, the chief techie straddling Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s global Labs is quitting just as the prototype of his most ambitions project to date, The Machine, edges closer. In a blog note today, CEO Meg Whitman confirmed the CTO will be “retiring” at the end of the year after more than three decades at the company. “ …

  1. laurence brothers

    The wonderful and horrible thing about HP[inc/e] is that Whitman really has been doing a better job than any of her recent predecessors.

  2. Stoneshop

    "To further accelerate the time it takes"

    The word is 'shorten'.

  3. Ilsa Loving

    The Machine

    "It just sucked a year of your life away. Tell me... how does that make you feel?"

    The parallels are striking.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    They're killing R&D ("align it with the business") and Fink left.

    What a surprise.

  5. Mr Dogshit


    Never heard of him.

  6. DainB Bronze badge

    Season 6 coming ?

    But who's rebuilding Samaritan ?

  7. AbstPoolAuto

    Memristor is just around the corner... honest. Wait is it still 2008?

  8. luis river

    Martin out

    Martin Fink... retiring end of year, I ask for what?...all seem job improvement out HPE, how happen with Norman Jouppi, bad news for HPE.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    what a disaster

    HP is is continuous reorganization mode.

    To her credit, Whitman is probably doing a better job than the prior leaders, but it's too little too late.

    Pissed off customers

    Pissed off channel

    Lack of effective and relevant R&D

    Lack of strategy.

    Smells like a death spiral to me.

  10. Bring_Back_MPE

    He went a long way - from Customer Engineer to head of HP labs.

    I remember when Martin joined HP in the mid eighties. He started off as a Customer Engineer at the HP Ottawa office. Nice fellow and was always willing to help. He was brilliant and an exceptional speaker. He taught a HP-UX course I attended - 3.0 back then !. He went a long way at HP, too bad HP's Memristor technology hasn't panned out.

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