back to article Cray explores options for supercomputing-as-a-service

Cray is exploring options to offer supercomputing "as a service", but don’t expect AWS to be offering the venerable vendor’s number-crunching monsters online anytime soon. Rather, the company is looking at ways it can offer its technology as a service, which if nothing else potentially relieves customers of at least some of …

  1. Fungus Bob

    Soup or computing as a service?

    I'll have the soup.

  2. Stevie Silver badge


    Very witty subtitle, Wilde, very witty.

    Ooh, if you use it to run fission sims are you doing it in the mushroom cloud?

  3. Chas E. Erath

    Same as it ever was?

    Hasn't it always (i.e. for the last 20 or more years) been 'normal' to lease time on big iron(s)? I mean, Cray never offered it (I don't think), but still - why and/or how is this a new and/or different thing? (Besides the word 'cloud', I mean...)

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