back to article Australia's Defence Department tips AU$12M to seat spies with students

The Department of Defence has tipped A$12 million (£6.1 million, US$9.1 million) into an information security facility to attract new blood by housing signals spooks alongside Australian National University academics. The "unusual" pairing is hoped to attract skilled students into the information security field and the country …

  1. Christian Berger

    And this is why we need to teach the "hacker ethic" in school.

    After all, working for a secret service greatly contradicts the rule of avoiding centralization. The whole idea about a secret service is to gather information and only let information flow towards a centre. It also contradicts the rule that information should be free, as all information passing through such an agency becomes more and more secret, even if it's based on "open source intelligence" (newspapers and such).

    Then the military is rarely interested in defense strategies when it comes to IT. After all defense is utterly trivial when you have that much money. Just make your computers as simple as you can, and encrypt everything, preferably on additional secure devices. You don't need to have exploit writers to get your software more secure. What you need is to have programmers which are aware of where the security issues are they need to avoid. So essentially they concentrate on the offense. They try to exploit bugs. They try to destroy the integrity of those computers, essentially robbing people of their right of free (as in speech) access to computers.

    Now the big problem is, that there are not many jobs for smart people, so it's likely that even smart people will have trouble finding a decent job.

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