back to article No software changes needed to use E8's screaming fast arrays

If hero numbers are what you want then E8 Storage's 2U box filled with 24 NVMe SSDS can provide them; 10 million 4KB IOPS using RDMA over an Ethernet fabric connecting up to 100 servers. The company provided more information about the product to an IT Press Tour in Silicon Valley, with CEO and cofounder Zivan Ori and product …

  1. daurtanyn


    I don't know why it has taken so long for a storage vendor to get on on either the RoCE or iWarp bandwagon. Good show, E8!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Finally

      Thank the maker it seems to be RoCE in the driving seat, i was not looking forward to the protocol jenga involved with iWarp.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    More Hype-per-converged?

    WOW, Hyperconverged and JBODS, is not not happening now? What do you call exactly those SSDs inside a server? Take the enclosure out of the servers and you gained what? Why do that at all?

    Two thinks to consider, there is a major premium in NVMe dual ported SSDs today, and it could go higher in months to come... that will impact the TCO.

    Considering the NAN constrains at the moment, not efficiencies on this arena will further impact TCO over the long haul.

    On a final note, I ask myself, if HyperConvereged players are building their software to apear as just another storage infrastructure, is this not a FAIL sing? Why would you do that is HyperConverege is the hollygrail of infrastructure? Also, "Hype"Converged and external storage, JBODS or not is an attempt to leverage Converged with Software Define Storage onto, is it no? So, three levels of management... hmm are we sure we where talking TCO here a while ago?

    The achilles heal of Hyper-converged in the first place was data affinity and hops to for App to storage, same as SD, which introduces latency and impact performance/cost, so a very strange slant on a "hype-performance" product in the first place. :)

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