back to article Google beefs up Fiber with Webpass gobble

Google has acquired fellow ISP Webpass in a move designed to expand the reach of its high-speed Fiber service. The deal will give Google yet another way to deliver its internet service to additional markets in the US, specifically those in apartment buildings in markets where Google does not already have cable laid. Webpass …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Looks like the incumbent ISPs haven't got the message yet. So let's expand some more, until they get it, or we serve the whole country, whichever comes first."

    Go Google!

    1. Mark 85

      Be careful of what you wish for... What is Google getting out of becoming your broadband provider? It may be a good thing, but the price might be more than money.

      But then, I wish they would come into my area. It might get Charter to get off their ass and actually do some improvements in quality, speed, and pricing (pricing from a customer viewpoint, that is).

  2. joemostowey

    google could have been the good guy, and installed broadband to the rural areas of the USA and made money, made loyal friends and allies and expanded from there into the cities and towns.

    Instead, they wanted to make "Statements" to cable and ISP companies. Statements such as "We so fast, we gonna burn yo A**!".

    All talk.

    No real threat to the established companies.

    1. Captain Scarlet

      I assume like the UK and probably many other countries, the Rural communities are to small for them to want to make major investments in infrastructure.

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