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This year’s ISC’16 Student Cluster Competition boasts the most diverse set of hardware in the near 10-year history of student cluster competitions. Student teams are running three different system architectures (x86, ARM, and Power) in both traditional and hybrid (hardware accelerated) forms. The configurations of these …

  1. allthecoolshortnamesweretaken

    Did I just get deputized as a freelance sub-sub-editor?

    This headline sounds quite familiar.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      ...except they spelt it right. Teeheehee. 8Þ

      1. John Gamble

        "...except they spelt it right."

        Glad to see the sub-sub-sub-editor is on the job.

    2. Dan Olds

      If I were the guy writing the headlines, I'd split my money with you - you definitely had it


  2. Steve K

    NVIDIA 1080 Titan GTX GPU?.

    As far as I am aware there are no TITAN GTX 1080 (Pascal) cards out yet - did this mean the GTX 980 Titan (Maxwell?)

    1. Dan Olds

      Re: NVIDIA 1080 Titan GTX GPU?.

      It's a GeForce 1080 card, so as near as I can tell, it IS Pascal based. From what I'm seeing on Amazon and other places, you can buy them but have to wait a few days for delivery. I'm wondering if the Tsinghua boys have some connections in high places and were able to score them early.

    2. Steve K

      Re: NVIDIA 1080 Titan GTX GPU?.

      OK, the Pascal 1080 Titan X is announced now...,news-53501.html

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