back to article What's DriveScale up to? Mix-'n'-match server and disk storage, for starters

DriveScale is a startup that emerged from a three-year stealth effort earlier this year with hardware and software to dynamically present externally connected JBODS to servers as if they were local. The idea is to provide composable server-storage combos for changing Hadoop-type distributed workloads. It is meant to share the …

  1. jms222

    200 microseconds ? That's an awful lot compared to ethernet links, SAS links and SSD random access times. If everything including disks were on ethernet (and I don't necessarily mean in the way Seagate's object storage disks work).

    1. genebanman

      DriveScale Adapter Latency Not an Issue

      Remember we are talking about disk drives not SSDs, in an Hadoop environment with very large block sizes. A 200 microsecond latency added to 1+ millisecond disk drive seek time latency every 1 MB or 64 MB block will not affect application performance as long as the full streaming throughput of the drive is supported, which it is.

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