back to article Scale Computing makes play for Nutanix's entry level market

Storage startup Scale Computing is offering a hyper-converged three-node cluster for less than $25,000, and undercuts Nutanix's Xpress SMB entry-level offering by $500. The company, which is is focussed on the SMB/mid-market, has replaced its entry-level HC1000 with an all-disk HC1100 and a hybrid flash/disk HC1150 featuring …

  1. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

    The kitty's name is Paradox. He likes sleepmurdering, stringmurdering, pretendmurdering and a little bit of love mauling. He is a mighty predator. Did I mention how much he likes sleepmurdering?

    Fear him. He is mighty.

  2. jliv

    Mercedes: $25,000

    Chevy: $24,500

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