What are the best VPN for UK 2016?

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  1. AnastasiaB

    What are the best VPN for UK 2016?

    The UK was famous for their free broadcasting all over the world. But now the UK is considered as one of the best Geo-restricted countries in the world. There are many non-UK extremist fans of British media channels, in which BBC iPlayer is at the top of the list. Through this channel, they always want to be connected with their favorite TV shows, serials, and dramas. There are also many more popular web streaming video channels that are blocked outside of the UK including Spotify, LoveFilm, Channel 4oD.

    Now it is a piece of cake that anywhere you can reside, but you are able to unblock all of the content of these favorite UK-based web streaming channels easily. Only you need to subscribe to the UK VPN services that will help you to make your location camouflage through the different IP addresses of their huge server locations and get the freedom to unblock Geo-restricted content. Now, you can enjoy all the programs of UK media streaming websites without any boundaries.

    So what are your recommendation on the best VPN for UK ?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: What are the best VPN for UK 2016?

      I wouldn't use a VPN for this. A DNS redirector is all that is needed and performs much better.

      In the past I have used unotelly and overplay, both seem fine, but I know unotelly is having some troubles with netflix right now.

  2. jordandevin

    What are the best VPN for UK 2016?

    Before you even start looking for the best VPN to suit your needs, you should consider if it is a Virtual Private Network service that you actually require. The term VPN is today frequently bandied around as a means to geolocate oneself elsewhere, usually to counter businesses that restrict their online services to users from within a particular region.

    Many people use such countermeasures in order to enjoy the BBC’s iPlayer streaming services while outside the UK; or to make use of the expanded catalogue of film and television offered by US Netflix, in contrast to the more limited selection in the UK.

  3. I Like Heckling

    I can recommend anonine, as they have a cheap service with servers located all over the world, and offer an unrestricted feed to anything and everything. Their speeds are pretty good too and I can pretty much max out my 40Mbps fibre connection with them.

    They do offer a very basic bit of software to connect... or if you prefer as I do, just set up a connection within windows... Hey presto no more issue with geo-blocking or censorship... not to mention no more ISP snooping of what I'm doing... Not because I'm doing anything wrong or dodgy, but simply because it's my privacy and I like to keep it that way.

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