back to article Hackers targeting SWIFT banks also targeted US moneymen: Hedge funds at risk

The Lazarus Group of hackers, blamed for a recent run of attacks against mainly Asian banks linked through the SWIFT network, is now suspected of targeting a mid-market US bank. Evidence uncovered by threat detection firm eSentire suggests that the Lazarus crew (which is also the chief suspect in the 2014 Sony Pictures hack) …

  1. Stevie


    Between Donald Trump's mouth, Hedge Fund market manipulation and this bunch of hacktards, my retirement funds are taking a lot of kicking of late.

    I mean, you'd think that The Republicans, the so-called Business Party, would make sure its public facing morons at least have an understanding of world finance and the USA's economic engine so that they wouldn't destabilize money markets just by talking about them.

    Why is it that when it comes to my retirement funds, I can't make money when there is a Republican at the wheel (or threatening to take the wheel)?

    GWB (Wouldn't be prudent, no new taxes) - IRA and 401K hemorrhaging money. King George the Second: money actually safer if I'd have shoved it under a mattress then set fire to the mattress. Big Ron: Economy growth at height was running several percent lower than it was at height of The Great Depression. Funds established under his reign are now almost at initial investment levels (thanks to Clinton-era boom, then KGII bust).

    Don't get me started on the financial damage I took every time a freshly elected-to-congress f*cking tea partier opened his or her know-nothing pie-hole about defaulting on our debt (without realizing that that is what they were doing when they spoke "knowledgeably" on the subject of raising the debt ceiling, of course).

    And now: Le Hacktard Menace on top of A Nidiot on the Republican ticket. Magic.

    See you on the bread line.

    1. Mark 85

      Re: Bah!

      I see the fallacy in your post. You assume that "they" will look out for you. That reality is, they look after their own and the rest of us are just cannon fodder. Afterall, the 1% has no intentions of allowing their tight little club to grow to the 2% as they (as individuals) would have less money.

      1. Stevie

        Re: Bah!

        I assume no such thing. The establishment of retirement funds of my own SHOULD say so loud and clear. I can't understand how you could read my rant and come away with that understanding.

        But I DO expect those in power who are desperate to get everyone to follow my example - so that the social security that has been strip-mined for decades and now is "underfunded" as a result can be quietly retired without anyone important noticing - talk to those who don't know how the world works so they don't crash the markets and disincentivise private investment.

        I want the politicians of "the business party" to start proving they can run the country instead of talking about doing so, and stop pissing in the pool.

        Note: I don't care who actually runs the place. I don't mind paying taxes to support services I don't need (yet). I just want those who want the power to understand how the machine works before they dismantle it, rebuild it and find themselves with a bunch of cogs and wires left over.

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