back to article MBE? Pah! Gartner gurus made us an MQ L

Gartner’s magic quadrant-producing gurus have awarded Commvault the data centre backup and recovery Iron Throne. They have also added Veeam to the Leader’s quadrant and severely pruned the niche player section, following a market criteria review, in "response to Gartner client requests to focus more on backup and recovery …

  1. unredeemed

    This looks very suspect. Now most IT folks don't give a darn about Gartner, but C levels do.

    What I thin kis suspect is where Veeam doesn't do well anything in the physical realm, let alone application level backups like SAP, Oracle, etc. How is that "Enterprise?"

    EMC is messaging speciifc tools for specific workloads. That Enterprises don't want a single console, that was all the rage 10yrs ago. That DBA"s, Vmware Admin's etc have more needs than a "backup admin." As such, their tools are targeted at them, with a single reporting engine on top.

    Some of the other changes like removing Dell, Asigra and Acronis is a smart move.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Veeam does do a physical backup solution, and also does Oracle backups

  2. GraemeKilshaw

    Cartesian. Commvault scores high, with FCG.

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