back to article China pledges tighter privacy as it centralises personal health data

China will create “more comprehensive regulation and legislation in personal information and data protection” to facilitate a new national big data scheme it hopes will improve health policy and services. China's State Council (the equivalent of Cabinet) announced the strategy this week, with premier Li Keqiang declaring that …

  1. Darth Poundshop
    Big Brother

    Compare and contrast...

    China - Government taking control/responsibility and creating a coordinated, integrated national system for social good (and government intelligence)

    UK - Government devolving as much responsibility/accountability as possible and creating a disjointed, fragmented system for the benefit of private companies (and corporate intelligence)

  2. Aodhhan

    So what we'll see an increase in China IPs attacking companies who build healthcare management applications, as well as hospitals themselves in an attempt to steal this information.

    You don't expect them to create it themselves, do you?

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