Tech they actually want you to microwave

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  1. Baldy50

    Tech they actually want you to microwave

    Now I like this a lot as I still use pen and paper a bit.

    Combine the freedom of pen and paper with the utility of the cloud. Microwave. Repeat.

  2. allthecoolshortnamesweretaken

    Interesting, but ultimately a novelty that adds very little to existing methods. I still use pen and paper notebooks, and occasionally I take pictures of a couple of pages with my tablet and e-mail the pics, sometimes using an app to convert them into a PDF first. When a notebook is full, I put it on the shelf and get a new one. The odd page that may contain something important or brilliant will be photocopied, or rather, in these days scanned and stored. Done.

  3. robbie208

    This is actually awesome! I would definitely use this. The beauty of putting pen to paper with the back up of the cloud, genius.

  4. ed_p

    Maybe I'm being obtuse...but I find it funny that they're selling it as the only notebook you'll ever need again, in packs of three?

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