back to article Midlands tech dynasty SCC bypasses Europe, opens service centre in Vietnam

Services-based reseller SCC has complained a dearth of skilled techies that come at competitive rates in Europe has forced it to look east: a service delivery centre is set to open in Vietnam. Talking to El Chan, SCC chief exec James Rigby said it already has up to 1,000 workers based at a delivery centre in Romania, but “ …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "they are very expensive"

    It looks to me executives are also very expensive in Europe. Why don't they look for some cheap ones in Vietnam too? I guess they can find them also.

    Yes, European developers can't work for a bowl of rice, sorry. We all like a decent life, as much as executives do, and, unlike them, we can demonstrate our skills work.

  2. Cem Ayin

    "SCC"? You mean as in...

    ...Sirius Cybernetics Corporation?

  3. Buzzword

    Good news!

    This obviously means that all the techies in the Midlands are already gainfully employed on excellent terms, hence why they didn't apply for jobs at SCC.

  4. TonyJ Silver badge

    "...a dearth of skilled techies that come at competitive lower-than-market rates..."

    FTFY, SCC.

    Greedy, bottom-line-obsessed fuckwits.

    1. Mark 85 Silver badge

      Greedy, bottom-line-obsessed fuckwits.

      Can you name one company that isn't this? I can't. I daresay most corporate directors would sell their mothers if improved the bottom line.

  5. marsmission

    I guess as Romania develops, SCC's approach to HR and people can no longer keep pace with the advances hence the switch to Vietnam

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