back to article Geek's Guide to Britain – now a book. Permission to geek out granted

In 2013, The Register began its travel series Geek's Guide to Britain. Today, that series is available as a book. The inspiration for our series were the scientists, engineers and inventors born or working in Great Britain who made their mark on the world. Jet engines, the internet, medicine, electricity, mass communications …

  1. Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse

    What have the Britons ever done for us...

    Apart from jet engines, the internet, medicine, electricity, mass communications…

    Badgers spleen anyone?

    1. Dick

      Re: What have the Britons ever done for us...

      You forgot the magnetron, no microwave burritos without that ;)

      1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

        Re: What have the Britons ever done for us...

        Unfortunately, also John Maynard Keynes and the Fired Mars Bar.

        1. roytrubshaw

          Re: What have the Britons ever done for us...

          "Unfortunately, also John Maynard Keynes and the Fired Mars Bar."

          Oy! Without "Keynes" there would be only be three North Towers at Essex University, and where would we be then? On second thoughts I'd have had not so far to walk to get to William Morris... (any chance of discrediting R. H. Tawney? :) )

          Meanwhile I'm not sure about "Fired Mars Bar", is this referring to the possible creation of a confectionery shooting device (a whole new meaning to fast food), or perhaps some kind of ceramic coating...

  2. Ralph B

    Deja vu

    I thought this idea sounded rather familiar but I'll buy yours too.

  3. caffeine addict

    "your pocket-sized guide"

    How big are your pockets?

    1. hairydog

      Re: "your pocket-sized guide"

      True geeks have huge pockets to stuff lots of gadgets in

      1. Ralph B
      2. dajames

        Re: "your pocket-sized guide"

        True geeks have huge pockets to stuff lots of gadgets in

        Yes, but those are full of gadgets ...

        1. Danny 14

          Re: "your pocket-sized guide"

          there is plenty of room behind the thinkpad in your rucksack. Pockets are for reserve swiss army knives (in case the leatherman tool doesn't have what you are looking for)

  4. Mark Butler

    20 quid is a bit steep for a small paperback isn't it?

    1. Leeroy

      Would you buy the pdf for £5 ?

      Take it to any printers and they will probably charge you £10 to booklet print it.

      You could anyways DIY but it will probably look crap and fall apart in a week.

    2. keithpeter Silver badge

      It is all relative

      @Mark Butler

      I take it that you do not order volumes from the London Mathematical Society, Springer Verlag, or the Institute of Physics on a regular basis.

      I have a week's leave coming up, a deck chair, a stack of slim volumes and, now, a tastefully *red* one for light reading. What can possibly go wrong (thunder, rain, gales).

      Coat: mine's the one with the B5 capacity pockets.

    3. TitterYeNot

      "20 quid is a bit steep for a small paperback isn't it?"

      Yes, but consider this - it's slightly cheaper than the Encyclopedia Galactica Britannica, has large, reassuringly friendly letters on the cover, and undoubtedly has fewer glaring (and occasionally fatal) errors then certain other publications that spring to mind.

      There's something missing from the cover though, can't quite think what it is...

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Shouldn't there be big white pussy cat in that BT picture?

    Anyway, the book's a fine idea, but will it be just the articles, or will the finer comments be included too? Obviously not this one, but some of the more illuminating ones, maybe?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    OMG its a Terrorist's Almanac!

    Danger - sounds like the sort of book that could get you in to trouble for being a suspected terrorist ... go out with this book in one hand and a camera in the other - sure to get arrested... hence better not buy it ... safer to be just a "keyboard geek" in the safety of your own home...

  7. Dr.Flay

    Cornish geek

    I have a geeky fact that will tickle you.

    If you go to the Marconi shed at Porthcurno, to admire the original transatlantic phone cables,

    you cannot get a mobile signal.

  8. John Brown (no body) Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    available as a book.

    Really? Not a mobile phone/tablet app? In this day and age? How very dare you El Reg!

    <Order will be placed imminently, in case anyone doubts that the above was meant to be humour>

  9. Parash2

    Geeks Guide for Kindle?

    Is the Geeks guide available for Kindle?

    1. Parash2

      Re: Geeks Guide for Kindle?

      I have found on Amazon UK the Kindle version of a 'Geek's Guide to Britain 2013' for GBP2.39 by a Joe Fay. Is this the real thing or just a copy?

      Unhelpfully the notation is 'Only sold to the UK'.

  10. burgers22

    My pockets are smallish when viewed from the outside, but open them and they become much larger........

  11. Securitymoose

    A Score for a book? Call yourselves savvy techies? You've been robbed.

    Bung a Word document over to me and I'll get it published, print on demand, for less than half that, and you'll still make some ale money.

  12. james.aka.damingo


    Don't get me wrong I will be getting a copy; but where is the kindle/epub version? Sell it for 99p on Kindle and 90% of reg readers will buy a copy. Sell it for this amount as a tree corpse and only 3.142% will buy it.

    <Statistics bought to you by the EU Referendum statistics team; make sure you don't buy more than three bananas>

    1. Danny 14

      Re: ??

      mmmm pie.

  13. itzman

    You had me up to...

    Already featured in The Guardian

    At which point I realised that if the guardian has featured it, the general rule is avoid like the plague.

    Its like my general rule "if its advertised on TV, arrives as spam in your inbox, or as a popup advert on a web site, dont buy it".

    Am I the only one who would cheerfully pay an online or licence subscription NOT to be bombarded with advertising, and get cheaper products, too?

    I thought about Sky, but there is even MORE advertising as WELL as a subscription.

    1. ChrisBedford

      Re: You had me up to...

      I thought about Sky, but there is even MORE advertising as WELL as a subscription

      If Sky is anything like the satellite provider in South Africa, the majority of its ads are *for* the provider, and go on for two minutes at a time.

      Never seen the point of advertising to customers you already have. Preaching to the choir, isn't it?

  14. Francis Boyle Silver badge

    You really splashed out

    on graphic design there.

  15. PassingStrange

    Clearly photoshopped. Where's the kitten?


  16. Jon Etkins

    We can haz Kindle version?

    Geeks carry gadgets, not paperbacks.

  17. wsm

    Does it explain...

    what things are for and why they are there? That could be dangerous.

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Hey that was my idea! :)

    I hope I am credited somewhere in the book: :)

  19. macjules

    Problem with order

    I received my book. Unfortunately it came in this weird 'folio' format with lots of pieces of paper stuck inside it. I have tried to swipe from right to left but I only seem to get a glimpse of the page underneath and then the red folio cover swipes back. Also I tried to swipe down in order to access the bookmarks and the contents index and nothing happened.

    Please help.

  20. DJV Silver badge

    With our book...

    "With our book, you are no longer dependent on a functioning internet connection to read Geek’s Guide to Britain"

    Amazing! What will they think of next!

  21. Dan McIntyre

    Just ordered a copy. Off to the Falkirk Wheel in 3 weeks time and might try to get to other locations mentioned too...

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