back to article Salesforce slurps up Demandware for $2.8bn

Cloudy CRM biz Salesforce has slurped up e-commerce provider Demandware for $2.8bn (£1.9bn) in a bid to broaden its portfolio. Salesforce has rarely turned a profit in its last 17 years, preferring to prioritise growth - a strategy its newest acquisition will reinforce. For its full-year ending January 31, Salesforce posted $ …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Never heard of them. Anything to do with Ransomware or GWX?

  2. ecofeco Silver badge

    Say what?

    Last year Demandware increased revenue by 48 per cent to $237.3m. It made a loss of $42m - and increase from its loss of $28m the previous year.

    And it's still worth $2.8 billion? WTF? Nice work if you can get it. Tell me again about "maximizing profits"?

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