back to article Facebook's newest JBOF can be yours for Christmas

Taiwanese server-maker Wiwynn will bring Facebook's latest JBOF (just a bunch of flash) devices to all comers by Christmas. The ST7110-30P is a 2U machine that can house 60 solid-state disks or 30 NVMe drives. Facebook's packed it full of PCIe interfaces – 16 version 3.0 ports to be precise – because that's how the device …

  1. David 132 Silver badge

    Samsung SSDs?

    Those look distinctly like Intel SSDs in the article photo. DC P3700 units, I believe.

    Interesting that they would prototype with one vendor and ship with another.

    1. Broadwing

      Re: Samsung SSDs?

      Bet it can work with any SSD that'll fit. I think the author just quoted the Samsung models because they're the current 'giant SSD' of the moment.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Samsung SSDs?

      Don't worry, just as with the current Knox design, the drives are hot swappable and can support any NVMe SSD that is on the approved vendor list (tested by Wiwynn).

      At exhibitions usually there is a sponsor for SSDs or drives, this time it's Intel and HGST.

      It will probably support both Intel & Samsung.

      Wiwynn is from Taiwan by the way.

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