back to article Broadcom, Apple sueballed

Caltech has lobbed a sueball at Apple and Broadcom over its Wi-Fi patents. The case, 2:16-cv-03714-GW-JPR in the Central District Court of California, alleges breaches of US patents 7,116,710, 7,421,032, 7,916,781 and 8,284,833. The focus of the patents is error correction used in 802.11n and 802.11ac – in particular, IRA/ …

  1. gobaskof Silver badge

    This nonsense has to stop

    All the patent nonsense has to stop. Look at the first patent it is essentially a mathematical formulation. If we can patent maths then all bets are off. Normal software patents, are bad enough, but this is frankly insane.

  2. Herby

    At least...

    It wasn't filed in the eastern district of Texas. Whatever the outcome, it has a chance of being based on reasonableness (if that exists in legal proceedings).

    But in general, software patents are EVIL, but that is a fight for another day (*SIGH*).

  3. Sebastian A

    Oh sure...

    "with Apple named because it's using Broadcom chips"

    Probably means: "with Apple named because it has far deeper pockets"

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