back to article Flash. Arrrgh. Nimble sales down

Hybrid array and recent all-flash array supplier Nimble Storage shows the effects of its late AF-Series flash array market entry and hyper-competitive market with its first quarter-on-quarter revenue decline. Revenues of $86.4m in its first fiscal 2017 quarter were 21 per cent higher than a year ago but down 4 per cent …

  1. Sebastian A
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    Just popped in to say

    I get the "Flash, AAAAAaaaaah" reference.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    the problem that nimble has

    They are essentially performing a retrofit like NetApp and co are doing. Infosight is a great selling point but they are becoming a bit of a me to

    Timeless storage aka Pure's Evergreen storage

    A recent blog from Nick Triantos discusses a me too approach to Pure's Love your storage guarentee

    Nimble Still seem to be yapping at Both NetApp and EMC trying to not be the little dog biting at the big dogs feet.

    The biggest problem i see with Nimble is 3 years ago they had a great story with CASL but getting in late with FC and All Flash has taken their advantage away. Nimble have also been promising a NAS platform to it's reseller's for years and still we wait.

    Nimble is facing the reality that a great tech is heading down the path of irrelevance

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: the problem that nimble has

      Not according to the customer acquisition numbers....

    2. JRW

      Re: the problem that nimble has

      Disclosure: Nimble Employee, my own views

      I like this idea that Nimble OS is somehow trying to retro fit flash at a late stage. ROTFL The first product Nimble designed was an all flash appliance. The first product sold was a flash optimised hybrid one because that was the larger addressable market. In the hybrid disk/flash combination flash provides the read acceleration, writes are pretty good on Nimble whatever media. Having an all flash flavour was always anticipated. Nimble OS is designed to be media agnostic. The old and 'new' all flash architectures remain tied to the back end media for performance. Nimble takes a different approach that offers more to customers today and is highly adaptable. In the last 3 months Nimble added another 580 net new customers taking the total to 8,160. We may not yet be the size of NetApp let alone EMC but we continue to grow while they shrink and our Net Prompter Score (NPS) is 85. Since EMC won't publish their NPS the only conclusion I draw is the big dog has something to hide. It is selling to Dell so it can be more private.

      AC - Very happy to offer an All Flash Nimble for testing. Those that have tried it find it a generation ahead of the competition. It's advantages are too numerous to list here. Once you've tried it I am sure your perspective will change.

      As a final point a side by side review of InfoSight shows it to be years ahead of anyone else and it continues to evolve. Nimble's advantage in that area is not going away anytime soon.



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