back to article Comcast slapped with eight-figure tax bill after package fails to impress

The US state of Oregon says it will charge Comcast tens of millions of dollars in taxes after revoking a tax break the cable giant had claimed on its broadband service. The state's Department of Revenue (DOR) has denied a request by Comcast that it be granted an exemption reserved for companies that offer gigabit internet …

  1. Ashton Black

    What's this? A relatively sane decision by a government agency? Whatever next? A politician telling the truth?

    1. goldcd

      My guess is that politicians caused this

      Hey "have a break for providing gigabit" - without actually considering the cost, availability, blah blah

    2. Fatman

      RE: "Sane" decision?

      <quote>Whatever next? A politician telling the truth?</quote>

      What's is that line from the movie?

      Oh, yeah:

  2. Shadow Systems Silver badge

    ComCast slapped for taxes?

    Good. Do it again, repeatedly, vigorously, with a peeved porcupine. We'll let you know when you can stop.

    -Signed, ComCast victims.

    1. Jeffrey Nonken

      Re: ComCast slapped for taxes?

      I'd give you an extra thumbs up for the alliteration but El Reg is parsimonious with them. :)

  3. s2bu

    I pay more than that $383/mn for 500Mbps business FiOS!

    1. fnj


      Excuse please, this is way off topic, but who is teaching people to use "mn" for "month"? I remember being taught in the 1950s that it was "mo". For that matter, when did "bn" for "billion" start appearing?

      1. DreamEater


        Everyone knows Bn is a delicious biscuit

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