back to article ICSA Labs wants IoT industry to seek security certification

The venerable ICSA Laboratories – these days a subsidiary of Verizon – has added Internet of Things certification to its cyber security certification. Whether it's got any chance of success is anybody's guess. While the world is trying to catch up with the idea that a security camera might need to be configured with something …

  1. Aodhhan

    Good Luck

    IoT is basically "SCADA for the masses" and we all know how poorly SCADA system security is lagging by corporations who know better. Here, Verizon is up against a typical Joe configuring their own system, as well as every corporation who puts a processor and a NIC on any device they make.

    Any attempt to put together and implement costly standards will be met with huge resistance by a large amount of corporate lobbies; no matter what country you're in. The general public won't really care until some hacker manages to lock down someone's kegerator.

    I wish them luck.

    1. Robert Helpmann??

      Re: Good Luck

      Security implementation in Windows systems was an afterthought but is a big deal today. The fact that these certs are being developed would seem to point the way for security professionals who wish to get ahead a bit. For people in information security, problem areas such as exist in the field of IoT present opportunities for continued gainful employment. Don't knock it!

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