back to article Citrix dodges death, returns with bigger XenServer and NetScaler

Citrix has unified its networking products and made big additions to its virtualisation stack. Last things first: XenServer is now in version 7, which means it gains support for Intel's Iris Pro graphics technology. In theory that makes XenServer a better platform for graphics-intensive desktop virtualisation (VDI) chores. …

  1. W. Anderson

    Citrix and Microsoft struggling together

    By Citrix typing their carriage to a slowly mobile and slightly lame Microsoft horse, they risk becoming stagnant as the Enterprise and data centre spheres of technology move rapidly into the Linux based Cloud and Big Data areas.

    Just very recently it was credibly reported that Microsoft's Azure Cloud and Office 365 business had slowed significantl, with Amazon and OpenStack based Cloud Computing Services overwhelming adoption, as well as in Internet/Website deployments and large Data Centers.

    1. Tom Samplonius
      Thumb Up

      Re: Citrix and Microsoft struggling together

      "Just very recently it was credibly reported that ..."

      So you didn't read that on The Register then?

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