back to article Bangladesh government domain turned into toxic phishing hole

Netcraft security man Paul Mutton says the Bangladesh Government has been used in banking phishing attacks targeting customers of Wells Fargo, Google, and AOL. The domains are restricted Government assets which Mutton says could indicate lax security controls. The popped server is located in the UK hosted by Nibs Solutions …

  1. gnufrontier

    Bangladesh - a toxic label

    Associate anything with Bangladesh and the desirability quotient falls off a cliff.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Bangladesh - a toxic label

      Really? That's a rather mentally lazy way to label a whole population.

      What do you want to do, build a wall around them?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Bangladesh - a toxic label

        Nah let them carry on with their ship breaking and textile sweat shops. Better there than here.

      2. gnufrontier

        Re: Bangladesh - a toxic label

        Has nothing to do with the people. It's one of many countries which due to corruption, lack of education and exploitation is unable to shake off a negative image. You did notice that a Bangladesh hosting company was not used for the site didn't you ? Would you buy a car made in Bangladesh ?

        In fact would you buy any product that required skilled manufacturing that was made in Bangladesh ?

        The same could be said of Nigeria, Afghanistan, Haiti.

        Is Bangladesh at the top of your list of places you want to go as a tourist ? I didn't think so.

  2. Doctor_Wibble
    Paris Hilton

    Did someone try calling the hosting company?

    Seems a bit obvious but did anyone try contacting the hosting company? Apart from using their online form which amusingly crops the heading graphics to 'con us'? I see the primary contact is an 0871 number which won't work internationally IIRC so may be somewhat non-compliant in any case.

    Lots of researchers and 'researchers' writing articles about their findings but all too often they won't do anything about it even if it's just a phone call to ask WTFsup?

    Happy to be proven wrong and/or pointed at the followup where they do that though.

    p.s. also the question of whether these are vital enough that they can't be temporarily pulled from the DNS or pointed elsewhere.

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