back to article Australian Federal Police say government ignorant of NBN raids

Australian Federal Police (AFP) has confirmed it raided the office of Labor senator Stephen Conroy and the home of a staffer of opposition communications minister Jason Claire over leaked documents pertaining to Australia's National Broadband Network (NBN). Sensitive documents have been repeatedly leaked since late last year …

  1. DeKrow

    Raises more questions

    Does this get added to the "increased surveillance keeps us safer" ledger?

    Did Australia lower it's terror threat level, justifying the Feds spending time on the campaign trail for the incumbent government?

    1. Adam 1

      Re: Raises more questions

      Let's just hope that senator ICanMakeYouWearRedUnderpantsOnYourHead starts getting a hint about the potential mission creep behind metadata retention laws he previously supported.

      1. GrumpyOldBloke

        Re: Raises more questions

        He will be shocked. Shocked I tell you. Right up until the time he again grasps the levers of power and then these laws will be valuable tools in the fight against [insert latest bogey person here].

  2. ckdizz

    "Jason Claire" (should be Clare), "NationalB Network", "Drefus", "sized documents".

    Thanks Dirran and Teh Ragistrar, but you should probably stop writing articles on your iPads.

  3. Youngone Silver badge

    Lying liars will tell huge porkies

    It's not politically motivated, despite the police searching an opposition politician's home?

    Sure, whatever.

    Whoever authorized that raid better hope Labor don't win the election.

  4. Knoydart

    Tin foil had required?

    One has to ask if this raid was Tony Abbott trying to take Malcolm Turnbull or the AFP trying to take out Labor?

    Its popcorn time watching you guys in Oz spunk some serious cash on rotting copper and HFC that is more vaporware. It does also makes me sad too that the mere mortals are saddled with at least 20+ years more of alleged broadband before you get some decent FTTP.

    1. Oengus

      Re: Tin foil had required?

      saddled with at least 20+ years more of alleged broadband

      Only 20 years. When I moved to Sydney th 1985 there was the promise of a train line to the north west. Later I learned that the different parties had been promising it since the 60's. In 2016 it finally looks like we might get it before 2020 (but only just). I fear that FTTP will be a similar "hot potato".

      1. Knoydart

        Re: Tin foil had required?

        and now the nbn staffer is getting in on the act with taking photos of the seized documents which are under parliamentary privilege. Would not like to be the nbn or AFP comms teams right now as its going to be a long weekend ahead.

        1. GrumpyOldBloke

          Re: Tin foil had required?

          nbn staffer is getting in on the act with taking photos of the seized documents: and sending them back through his phone to his masters. It was either a political raid or this was amateur hour at the AFP. We need a name for this sort of maleficence. Something original that suggests the official story doesn't hold water. Maybe watergate.

  5. MrDamage

    Australian Federal Police say government ignorant


  6. Winkypop Silver badge

    A FPishing trip

    The Libs are getting very worried, methinks

  7. SeanC4S

    Some of these English speaking countries are becoming truly repellent. I would never choose to work in Australia, New Zealand, the UK or Ireland. They are only short of making pedestrians wear a helmet, if I can put it that way.

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