back to article Peer tables motion to kill vaping rules

A motion has been tabled in the House of Lords to annul the UK implementation of the EU’s new tobacco directive, which comes into effect tomorrow, potentially triggering a debate and a vote. Motion SI 2015/507 was tabled by Lord Callanan, the former MEP and leader of the Conservatives in Europe. Callanan attempted to temper …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Fantastic news.

  2. monty75

    It's a spectacularly poor piece of regulation but I wouldn't get your hopes up about it being overturned.

  3. petur
    Thumb Down


    Ignoring the facts that e-cigarettes are almost as bad as the real thing...

    IMHO, switching to e-cig is not quitting, it is just giving yourself the good feeling you quit without quitting. Like switching from regular coke to diet coke, you didn't actually change or make an effort.

    1. HighTension

      Re: madness

      They are in no way "almost as bad as the real thing". All the so-called "studies" that have reached that conclusion have been thoroughly debunked.

      Nicotine is not a carcinogen and never has been. In fact it can be beneficial *without* all the deadly tar produced by cigarettes.

      It's crap like this that has distorted the picture so badly - and this is clearly the intent of its backers.

    2. Alister

      Re: madness

      Ignoring the facts that e-cigarettes are almost as bad as the real thing...

      Perhaps you would like to find us an example of "the facts" that we can look at?

      1. Ralph B

        Re: madness

        Or more usefully, you could yourself reference this article that discusses the mis-reporting of the safety of e-cigarettes, which although still not 100% safe, are certainly safer than the real thing.

    3. Stuart 16

      Re: madness

      You'll need a citation or we're simply going to think you're full of it

    4. Loyal Commenter Silver badge

      Here, fixed that for you:

      "Ignoring the facts, I think that e-cigarettes are almost as bad as the real thing..."

    5. KaneSama

      Re: madness

      I, many years ago, used e-cigs to quit. By taking a toke when I felt the need for a smoke, rather than an entire cigarette, I was able to quickly drop off my usage. The other half did the same, so did a couple of my friends.

      It's a useful tool in the arsenal of those who genuinely wish to quit, that while it should be regulated, does not need regulation specifically designed to send people into the arms of the pharmaceutical companies peddling patches and gum.

  4. 0laf Silver badge

    I think it's quite clear that puffing on an E-Cig is unlikely to be very good for you.

    BUT it's a helluva lot better than sucking on a flaming tube of rolled up chemically treated leaves.

    There is also little evidence that many people take up e-cigs without being traditional smokers first.

    So why would you try to make e-cig smoking just as hard to do as traditional smoking? Unless you're in the pocket of either the tobacco companies or the big Pharmas that make nicotine patches/gum.

    1. Dr.Flay

      Vaping is being promoted as a safe and more attractive option, that comes in a rainbow of fruity flavours.

      Don't look in the pub or club, look around an area of town where the younger generations congregate.

      Look at the people gathered in the trendy new vape-shops, and ask yourself if the teenagers you see started with tobacco. Better still ask them.

      I know plenty of people that just like to show off an expensive toy they do not need.

  5. Rande Knight

    They're better for me

    I don't smoke, but I support vaping because they're better for me - I don't have to deal with 2nd hand smoke nearly as much these days.

    If people want to slowly kill themselves with their drug of choice, then I'm not going to stop them; but I will try to prevent them (physically) hurting other people when they do so.

  6. Dr.Flay

    Only 2 of the people I know are using vaporisers to quit smoking, the rest of them just like gizmos and wearing their money for all top see.

    Why is it that when you walk around town, it if full of teenagers puffing fruity yummy tasting nicotine dispensers, that get them equally as addicted to a highly taxed product they never used before.

    Yes vaporisers deal with the smoke pollution, but do not deal with addiction when they make it tastier and more desirable than ever.

    ..oh, yes, the key there must be the "highly taxable" bit.

    If it were not for the tax, all nicotine products would be as illegal as cannabis.

    Where I live, If you don't have an expensive vaporiser or the right shoes on campus, you are nobody.

    I keep hearing students complaining that it is costing them too much because they have no desire to stop smoking it, or how much is bad for them (duh!)

    When you reach the end of a ciggy, it is gone and you have a clear cut-off point.

    If you want to see the truth of it, look at who the Tabasco companies are marketing at.

    One of the vape shops in my town even looks exactly like a sweet shop, even down to the little touches. Most are somewhere an over 30 would feel out of place in.

    Yes the managers lay out the shops, but the teen-centric promo material and pictures are supplied by the tobacco companies.

    The now old fashioned tobacconists was not a place of social gathering, and funnily enough always have sold tobacco in plain packaging (therefore also cheaper).

    So if keeping people addicted to a more expensive form of nicotine is OK, if there is no smoke, can we have the same consideration for other smokable consumables ?

    If you don't count vaporiser users as smokers any more, then would cannabis users not count as dope smokers, if there is no smoke ?

    Bring back licensed purveyors of fine tobaccos, sold in plain bags and you will see teens turning away from it.

    Ban the addition of the added chemicals they keep warning about, instead of putting bigger warnings on.

    Formaldehyde is not allowed in other consumable products, so why allow it in tobacco ?

    Or, if Governments really have such a problem with tobacco, why not simply make it illegal and the problem is gone like any other drug (yeah right), oh no, so is all that loverly tax revenue.

    There are measures the Governments could take to make tobacco products less toxic and carcinogenic, but they are ignored.because we don't eat or drink it.

    If the cocktail of chemicals added to tobacco and nicotine based products was in your lasagne, there would be uproar.

  7. Loyal Commenter Silver badge

    It's a bit late now... start expecting evidence-led legislation from our government.

    Only legislation based on dogma and pandering to private interests is allowed.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward Really?

    We have our own official gov.UK petition site.

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