back to article Acronis testing blockchain for backup

It was bound to happen before long: backup company Acronis has decided the blockchain has a role in your data protection regime. As the company points out, “Blockchain secured data has provable integrity because the data is attributed to an irrefutable identity, is validated by all copies of the ledger, is always available, …

  1. mr_splodge

    The author of Q1_2016.xls should really move away from Excel 97-2003 format.

    1. Adam Jarvis

      File Formats...

      You can always open an Excel 97-2003 '.xls' in LibreOffice though, handles the file as well as any non-Windows version of Microsoft Office, i.e. MSOffice for Android, iOS etc.

    2. Preston Munchensonton

      Well, of course he/she should...

      The author of Q1_2016.xls should really move away from Excel 97-2003 format.

      Obviously, everyone knows that the only proper way to store columnar data is using tab-delimited text, so it's editable in VIM.

    3. Ken Moorhouse Silver badge

      Re: Q1_2016.xls

      Yep, Q1_2016.csv is a lot safer.

      Talking of which. If malware is discovered in the blockchain, what policies dictate its handling, bearing in mind different people have different agendas on what is and isn't malware?

      1. Sorry that handle is already taken. Silver badge

        Re: Q1_2016.xls

        Or for something less ambiguous, imagery that's definitely illegal, such as child abuse material. I don't believe bitcoin's blockchain has had something like this happen but images have been encoded into it so it's possible. I also believe that some virus scanners detected a malware signature in it once, infinite monkey theorem etc.

        Blockchains can be rolled back since they contain all of the information necessary to do so, but you'd lose all data validations subsequent to the "event".

  2. ozor

    Never again

    Pretty much sums up my experience of Acronis with anything related to enterprise.

  3. This post has been deleted by its author

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