back to article Google reveals the Chromium OS it uses to run its own containers

Google's decided the Chromium OS is its preferred operating system for running containers in its own cloud. And why wouldn't it – the company says it uses it for its own services. The Alphabet subsidiary offers a thing called “Container-VM” that it is at pains to point out is not a garden variety operating system you'd ever …

  1. WebDev


    You might mention that the container-optimized CoreOS is famously based on Chromium OS. Google has backed them, so it's confusing to read about a container-optimized Chromium OS from Google. It might just be CoreOS, or of course Google might have gone their own way.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So really...

    They mean Gentoo. Since ChromeOS is just a packaged form of Gentoo. Which makes sense in a context where you want to get exactly the set of stuff you want and no more.

    1. Dadmin

      Re: So really...

      Where did you hear it is forked from Gentoo? Neither ChromeOS/ChromimumOS(the ChromeBook OS) nor GCP(, the platform from this article) mention being a fork from an obscure Linux distro. Gentoo is a neat idea, and if you have 24 hours to build a system, it's pretty cool for what it accomplishes, but your information about it being the source is suspect. The only thing they share is a linux kernel at their core.

      Let me put this another way; your assertion sounds odd, at best. I've never, EVER heard of this alleged fork, and the two Chrome OS pages on wikipedia, AND the GCP page do not mention Gentoo. And the Gentoo page does not mention Google. If you're from a different multiverse, then you are off by one. I suggest you reset your matter-paddle and try again, Rimmer!

      EDIT: I see where you got confused: At the bottom of the Gentoo wikipedia entry; "Distributions using Gentoo's Portage system include CoreOS, Chrome OS, Chromium OS, and Ututo." Portage itself is the package management system for Gentoo, which is a port from the BSD Ports system and not even an original Gentoo device. Pay attention, people!

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: So really...

        thats what you get for trusting Wikipedia.

        think you might be the real rimmer here...

  3. EvadingGrid

    Gentoo, which means "no systemd"

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