back to article Virtuozzo to build full container stack, target the data centre

Virtuozzo is going to build a comprehensive stack of tech for containerised computing. The company is the server virtualisation bits of the now-devolved Parallels, which kept its name for a spin-out devoted to desktop hypervisors. The company's cloud automation assets were sold to Ingram Micro and the Plesk service desk …

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    1. Nate Amsden

      I read a bit of your link and see nothing of interest. What is so interesting to you there. It seems like nothing more than a generic hypervisor running on top of openbsd.

      I've been using openbsd as a firewall off and on for about 11 years but don't see a useful role for it outside of that for anything I deal with anyway.

      Not that I care about virtuozzo or however it's spelled either.

  2. skies2006

    Regarding Virtuozzo/VZ

    Do not confuse their solution with app containers . VZ is a system container solution which is a wast different beast than application containers like Docker and Rkt. VZ, LXC and LXD is system container software that run a full OS in container fashion. App containers are for running one or a few single application only.

    VZ is a mature and good product. The drawback is that is requires a custom kernel, so one can not install and use vanilla RHEL/CentOS. I would pick LXC/LXD due to this big issue.

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