back to article 'Dirty Page Logs' coming to future vSphere release

VMware will add support for Intel's Page Modification Logging (PML, aka Dirty Page Logs) in a future version of vSphere, according to the product's chief platform architect Richard Brunner. Speaking to The Register, Brunner said VMware “worked closely with Intel on the definition of PML back in 2012.” The problem both were …

  1. Bronek Kozicki

    VMWare catching up with kvm

    PML was supported in Linux kvm since version 4.0, over 1 year ago. Which is not a surprise, since without the support Intel would have no means to test this feature in real use cases and obviously it cannot rely on VMWare implementing features in timely manner.

  2. BinkyTheMagicPaperclip

    Looks like it's worth having

    Xen -current turned it on by default in November (so, should be in 4.7 in July)

    Up to 10% performance improvement in some operations

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So basically the hypervisor has

    the same kind of underlying functionality nowadays (kernel, resource allocation, drivers, memory management, scheduler, etc) as a full-fat OS, except it's missing the user inteface bits, and instead of the user interface bits it has a whole stackoverflow of management interface stuff.

    That'll work.

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