back to article UAE InvestBank 'hack' looks like stale, recycled data from last year

Hackers linked to the Qatar National Bank (QNB) breach have leaked data siphoned from the UAE’s InvestBank. A database containing credit card details and passport scans has leaked online by the same Turkish hacker crew – Bozkurt Hackers – who were also blamed for the QNB breach. However, early reports suggest that the latest …

  1. quattroprorocked

    Why is this stuff not encrypted?

    I am not a programmer, just someone who can build easy stuff in Drupal, and at the weekend I looked at encrypting the DB, and files. It was simples. So either it only looks encrypted, or DB encryption should be doable by anyone actually employed as IT.

    Are all these big banks etc just idiots?

    1. Aodhhan

      Re: Why is this stuff not encrypted?

      The files may have been encrypted, but if obtain an account with privileges to read the encrypted files, it's all over.

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