back to article EMC says Pure Storage dedupe is both in-line and post-process

EMC has won $14m in damages because Pure, it claimed, infringed its patented inline deduplication – yet it is also claiming Pure’s deduplication is not inline in a “Pure Top Ten Lies” document. According to Pure, Hopkinton is arguing in a Massachusetts District Court case1 concerning recruitment of EMC employees by Pure, that …

  1. returnofthemus

    EMC Xtreme IO upgrade is non-disruptive

    Well, just saying ...

    1. decoy_underpants

      Yep. Because you'll have to migrate to another array while you upgrade. :)

  2. Big_JM

    EMC is right

    This isn't a secret. If IO begins to overwhelm their single controller structure, the dedupe will go post-process. The CEO of SolidFire called it "mostly inline". I would go with that. I'm surprised there's a Register article about it.

    And as for XtremIO--yes I agree. That array is riddled with failure points. Probably not wise to throw stones when you live in a glass house, on a glass street, in a glass town, of a glass state, in a glass country, propped up by toothpicks.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: EMC is right

      And this is exactly why it baffles me why Gartner ranks EMC as the leading AFA compared to others in the industry. A disruptive upgrade process causing pain to those who invested in it and as well as a completely disjointed product portfolio relating to flash. VNX Unity now thrown on top of an ever expanding number of platforms - this is EMC's response to the all flash market.

      Seriously.. here Mr or Mrs customer.. buy VNX all flash its the best thing.. no wait .. buy VMAX all flash its the best on the market.. oh sorry no you should invest in XtremeIO .. its built for flash .. Sorry to confuse you... and lets not forget the elephant in the room - the DELL buyout.. that's not going to cause any chaos with their product line or R&D investment at all !! If you think EMC will be the same company after the DELL buyout, then Im sorry to say you have consumed too much Kool-aid from the Evil Machine Company.

      1. decoy_underpants

        Re: EMC is right

        It's ranked where it is because it's easy for a huge corp like EMC to drop off a bunch of heavily discounted or seed units to their biggest customer. It's a drop in the bucket to the big fortune companies to "test" some new array from their friends at EMC. Pretty easy to get a huge number of arrays out there and BAM you're "number 1"

  3. jcrb

    Why is this contradictory?

    Given that Pure reprocess the stored data over and over and over in the course of doing the garbage cleaning of the log they can do one kind of dedupe on the way in and different dedup during cleaning say doing 512B hashing on input and then larger size chunk dedup during cleaning

  4. StorageInsider

    C'mon guys, this is no secret, it's an advertised feature, right on the website that Pure does both inline and what they call 'deep reduction' or post process reduction

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