back to article Nvidia Pascal GTX launch

Unless Nvidia has a massive last-minute change of heart, it will tonight unveil a couple of Pascal-powered GTX cards for gamers. Pascal is Nv's latest GPU design: word of it emerged in 2014, it finally arrived last month, and you can find deep dives into how it works and why here, and over here. So far Pascal has emerged in …

  1. ATeal

    It has this screenshot thing

    According to Ars Technia it has this screenshot thing that lets you take massive or 360 (nod to VR) screenshots, if the developer supports this.

    The thing is though the first thing anything worthy of calling itself an engine actually does is NOT render crap the user cannot see because of the camera position and angle. I can see it being very difficult to implement.

    Having said that I still pretty much only play Halo Reach, and I've always enjoyed the theatre feature where you can go back and view the entire game from any angle you like, so perhaps I don't appreciate how important it might be?

    1. Suricou Raven

      Re: It has this screenshot thing

      The stuff-not-rendered must still be in memory in case of a sudden change of viewpoint, to it's easy enough to render a single frame of omni-view. It'd take a lot longer than a normal frame, certainly, but it's only one frame - I don't think users will object if their video freezes for a fifth of a second when they take a screenshot.

      I can pretty much promise it *won't* capture geometry, just a pre-rendered image, because the ability to easily extract 3D geometry would seriously annoy game developers... or rather, their legal departments.

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