back to article Amazon nabs AI boffin from Xerox PARC

Amazon has hired Ashwin Ram, an ex-Xerox PARC employee and a researcher in cognitive science, in an effort to step up its AI R&D department. Although Amazon have not officially released a statement, Ram announced on Twitter that he was “excited to join Amazon.” A spokesperson from Amazon has confirmed his appointment but …

  1. BebopWeBop

    At Amazon, he will focus on developing Amazon’s Alexa, a voice-powered virtual assistant that lives inside Amazon’s wireless speaker device, Echo.

    Umm I don't think it does - try disconnecting it from the internet - or just throttling the speakers connection thereto.

  2. allthecoolshortnamesweretaken

    Let's put an Alexa/Echo unit in every room of ervery funny farm on the planet and see what happens...

  3. JeffyPoooh

    "Amazon nabs AI boffin from Xerox PARC"

    GM hiring Dr. Paul Moller (of flying car fame) would be about the same thing...

    Because when I think of Xerox photocopiers, I can't help but be frightened of just how menacingly-intelligent they are. "Paper Jam in Tray 3" is just coded language meaning 'Take me to your leader, you pathetic meat machine'.

    Maybe this AI boffin will help Amazon scan through their book database looking for duplicate ISBNs; for example one ISBN listed for both Hardcover and Paperback versions of the same book (indicating a mistake). Because identifying duplicate data is so difficult that it needs an AI boffin to figure it out...


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