back to article Lost little X-IO lays off ~75 staff in Colorado as it shutters factory

X-IO sent a formal letter on April 29 to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, saying it intended to close its Colorado Springs manufacturing operation, and warning that up to 107 people could lose their jobs. In the event 70-80 employees were laid off, with some 50 employees remaining. Potential job rescue, IP …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Incomplete product

    We looked at the ISE years ago and thought it was really cool but fundamentally incomplete. The idea of getting more performance and reliability was very appealing, but the thought of having to integrate an additional control plane (DataCore software being the recommended choice) stopped us from choosing X-IO. Cool technology is not enough to succeed (a fact which has foiled more than one startup); it has to actually be usable.

    1. sanguy01

      Re: Incomplete product

      I worked for Xiotech back from 1999-2010 and this was ALWAYS the issue with them. Great technology, but poor and incomplete management and functionality. Now they are but a shadow of a company. I can remember when we had a record year of 97M in revenue, those were the good ol' days. I wanted to retire from that company before, it was great then. Almost dead now....Sadly.

  2. Michael Duke

    It is interesting that datacore was always pitched as the virtualisation engine to use, I always thought it was a better match to IBM's SVC/StorWize platform.

    With its per enclosure licensing it was quite a cost effective option.

  3. ByteMe
    Thumb Up

    Is that honesty I hear?

    That was the most honest CEO response to failure that I've heard in a long time. Kevin DeNuccio of Violin Memory needs to read this.

  4. chris coreline

    sad times for startups

    Sorry to hear people are loosing their jobs, hopefully everyone lands ok.

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