back to article VMware hikes NSX price, adds cheaper versions

VMware has taken the scissors to its NSX product's feature list to offer versions that won't set back customers quite as much as the full product, at the same time hiking the price of the top version of the product. Pitched at companies that want to create software defined data centres, NSX slips networking and security into …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Surprised? Moi?

    No. Now watching customer reactions. With popcorn!

    Memories of the memory tax.

  2. gerdesj Silver badge

    Bloody customers

    It's almost as though us chavvy customer types have a nasty habit of buying real physical sockets and doing things the old fashioned way in preference to buying snake oil. OK that's not exactly fair but you buy real things first and soft-stuff second.

    Who buys NSX anyway? I am genuinely intrigued: what are your workloads/use cases that exceed the capabilities of vDS?

    PS I am a VMware apologist in general

    1. SKC

      Re: Bloody customers

      Typically when you're looking to create a BYOIP cluster in the cloud. On-premise I can possibly agree with you... but when extending to a hybrid cloud / SDDC model you want it.

      SoftLayer's licensing is quite reasonable still, $118/month/socket.

    2. Naselus

      Re: Bloody customers

      "Who buys NSX anyway? I am genuinely intrigued: what are your workloads/use cases that exceed the capabilities of vDS?"

      When I was interviewed for a sysadmin job using NSX a few months ago, the only two deployments in the UK were one for the MoD in a classified location, and one for the Christie Cancer Hospital in Manchester.

      A lot of the features of NSX are pretty incredible... but yeah, I've yet to encounter a situation where anything it does was actually necessary. Which is probably the justification for breaking out downfeatured versions.

      1. Gyrodom

        Re: Bloody customers

        What a load of tosh, there are certainly more than two deployments in the UK. I work for a consultancy firm who are a VMware partner and i've personally deployed NSX for several customers.

        As for benefits over a VDS, VDS is still only a switch, you cannot route, you cannot firewall, VPN, DCHP, compliance scan or load balance. NSX can.

    3. ZenaB

      Re: Windows 10

      Well we'd like it for VXLAN and microsegmentation..

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