back to article Newest Microsoftie Xamarin releases cross-platform mobile SDK as open source

Xamarin's Evolve conference is under way in Orlando, Florida, where around 1,600 attendees are coming to terms with Microsoft's acquisition of the company, completed less than one month ago. Xamarin's main product is a set of tools and compilers that enable cross-platform mobile development using Microsoft's C# language. It's …

  1. AbelSoul
    Thumb Up

    Looks like good news all round to me.

  2. Rol


    "So, it has come to this."

    "You'll never get away with it."

    "I'm afraid, you're too late. Even as we speak my minions are hurriedly writing scripts that will bring down this monstrous free for all OS and open up its users to a torrent of heinous criminality."

    "It will never work, Linux is impenetrable"

    "So it was, so it was, but then you never questioned Microsoft's new found liberal thinking towards open-source, and hence you never saw this coming."

    "Open-source is a positive thing, it could never be turned toward the darkside"

    "Well, that does rather depend on who is creating it, and how much they utterly despise the whole, give it away for free scene, that has been undermining capitalism for far too long. No your cutsie little OS will become just another FUBAR OS, totally lacking in the resources necessary to pull it back from oblivion"

    "Why, o why, are you doing this?"

    "Well, retirement isn't sitting with me very well and Melinda suggested an hobby would put the shine back in my eyes. Obviously destroying the competition is all that I know, so hey oh."

    "You dirty fuc....."

    "Now, now, save the potty talk for your kernel writers"

  3. yowl00

    Just one thing missing.

    Another output to HTML/JS/CSS

  4. Captain Server Pants

    We're about to begin a Xamarin Forms project

    If it works they've done a good thing.

  5. Michael Hoffmann Silver badge

    Minor nitpick

    Apparently to *build* an iOS app you no longer need the Mac either.

    I know that because only last night, during a weary red-eye hack session. I was trying to merge several branches that had gotten away from me (yeah, yeah...) and just trying to get them to build. When I finally succeeded, both locally, as well as on my Windows build box controlled through Bamboo, at around midnight, I noticed I didn't even have my Hackintosh VM up and running. Still need it to run the sim or deploy to the iThing, though.

    Still a bit befuddled, maybe it will come to me with more caffeine.

    (the icon is actually me resting my weary head on my hand)

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