back to article Intel CEO Krzanich: PCs are things too!

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, presiding over flatlining performance, boardroom tumult and a one-in-ten slimming down of Chipzilla's workforce, has broken out the happy juice to promise better times ahead for the world's biggest sand-slinger. Krzanich has posted a blog in which he calls out the cloud (chips for data centres), the …

  1. LesboInMansBody

    Somebody show Brian the parking lot

    Brian has proven himself to be the Steve Ballmer of Intel. Time for him to clean his office and be escorted to the Intel parking lot. He is talking about the cloud as if it is something new to Intel (Note to Brian - Intel already owns 99% of the server market), which makes me wonder if he really has a plan or just likes to use the latest buz word (Cloud, IOT. Hey you forgot virtual reality).

    Intel needs some new young fresh leadership, that kind that not only made Intel great, but Microsoft, Apple, HP, and Dell as well. Step aside Brian, let someone with real ideas and passion take over.

  2. Paul Crawford Silver badge

    Moore's Law is not a law.

    Moore's law is an empirical observation from the early stages of IC development that predicted the growth in complexity possible from a combination of shrinking features and larger dies sizes are improving yields allowed it.

    There is no physical meaning to it that says it has to continue, nor that it will be cost-effective to do so. Thus relying on "Moore's Law" is simply an act of faith that if you throw enough development money at your fab facility you will get bigger/faster/cheaper chips. It might not turn out that way as even today the cost of a single state of the art fab is unbelievable.

  3. Mpeler

    PCs are also things

    Reminds me of Arthur Dent in Restaurant at the End of the Universe:

    'In the centre sits the gigantic golden dome, almost a complete globe, and it was into this area that Zaphod, Ford, Arthur and Trillian now passed.

    At least five tons of glitter alone had gone into it before them, and covered every available surface. The other surfaces were not available because they were already encrusted with jewels, precious sea shells from Santraginus, gold leaf, mosaic tiles, lizard skins and a million unidentifiable embellishments and decorations. Glass glittered, silver shone, gold gleamed, Arthur Dent goggled.

    "Wowee," said Zaphod, "Zappo."

    "Incredible!" breathed Arthur, "the people ... ! The things ... !"

    "The things," said Ford Prefect quietly, "are also people."

    "The people ..." resumed Arthur, "the ... other people ..."

    "The lights ... !" said Trillian.

    "The tables ..." said Arthur.

    "The clothes ... !" said Trillian.

    The waiter thought they sounded like a couple of bailiffs.'

    Seems like Douglas Adams predicted IOT, in a way, too...

    (Just consider the beer icon to really be a PanGalacticGargleBlaster :) )...

    1. allthecoolshortnamesweretaken

      Re: PCs are also things

      So Intel is the hardware supplier to the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation?

      1. Mpeler

        Re: PCs are also things

        Well, have a look at Marvin the paranoid android and the milllions of years he survived in what became the parking lot of Milliways...

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