back to article El Reg Summer Lectures: Space, robots and digital homes

It’s time to light up your brains for the summer, with a series of Reg lectures that will power you from your robot infested home all the way to the solar system and beyond. It’s a great lineup of speakers with not one, not two, but three bona fide professors to exercise your grey cells, and get your brain beach ready. In …

  1. Dabooka

    There's a kind of feedback loop here

    Hmmm, deja vu.....

    Come on Reg, you can do your Geeks guide to Britain, why not a Geeks Talks of Britain?!

  2. BristolBachelor Gold badge

    International Space University

    As I understand it, international space is above an altitude of 100km. Unfortunately I will be visiting a much lower altitude on the day of the event (for a pre-launch equipment resupply inspection), but far from London, which doesn't have convenient launch facilities. Will it be possible to visit the university in person instead at another time? I will be in orbit 2 weeks before or 1 week after the published date.

  3. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

    The internet of things

    I hope the prof has read the El Reg comments sections and will be suitably prepared!

    IoT doesn't get the best of receptions here :-)

    I did get my hopes for a short moment as a I read "Yorkshire Grey" only have them dashed be the next few words "on Theobalds Road, London". Bugger. I though it might only be a 90 minute drive down to York or Leeds, they being about 90 miles away. But noooo, it's in London, where that 90 minutes is probably what it takes to do the last 9 miles :-(

    1. Warm Braw

      Re: The internet of things

      You can always check whether it's worth the journey before you travel...

  4. Anonymous Coward

    The Internet of Things talk...

    ...should surely not be held in an actual venue, but should be streamed into your home via the microwave or toaster or something?

  5. scotposter

    Virtual attendance ?

    So where's the option to attend virtually ? Live streamed ? You can even live stream on facebook ! Geez. So much for "technology" lectures.

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