back to article Nokia gobbles Withings

Nokia has acquired fitness gadget biz Withings for €170m (£131m). Withings specializes in making wearables and connected health monitoring devices, including scales, blood pressure monitors, and health trackers. The jump into wearables comes after Nokia rid itself of its mobile handset business. Instead, the Finnish firm says …

  1. BugabooSue
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    I wish them luck!

    Hopefully they will do a better job than the "Garmin Connect" system - cloud-based (servers fall over quite regularly), and the BT-pairing with Garmin devices could be a LOT better (you have to pair through the Connect App and this can be PAINFUL). When the Garmin servers are dead/poorly, so is much of the functionality of the whole system (no local data storage)...

    Damn! I hate "Cloud Apps!!"

    From what I've seen this past six months, the fitness-watch/band market could really do with an injection of new ideas. I'm hoping that we (I) end up with a watch that does not have to be recharged every time you turn on GPS tracking, and ffs - *NOT* cloud-centric!

    Now's your chance Nokia!

  2. SAP Bod

    I love my Withings gadgets!! Please Nokia, don't mess too much with them. My Activite watch does pretty much exactly what I want it to do (activity+sleep tracking and analogue watch face) and their WiFi scales link up really well with the watch into, what I think, is an excellent app.

    I like my smart watches fairly dumb with long battery lives, and I can't be arsed weighing myself and having to manually input the data into an app (did that for about 6months and then got Withings scales).

    For me, their stuff works really well and it's fair to say I'm nervous about how this will go.

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