back to article Amazon tips spinning rust into its Elastic Block Store offering

Cloud king Amazon has added two disk-drive-based storage options to its EBS (Elastic Block Store). There is a Throughput-Optimised HDD (st1) volume and a Cost HDD (sc1) volume. The sc1 volume is for low access workloads, coldish data, with a price of $0.025/GB/month while the st1 volume is for frequent data access to Big Data …

  1. Adam 52 Silver badge

    If you've got a spare minute or two try taking an EBS optimised ec2 instance and attempt to achieve those performance figures...

    ...and if you succeed please let me know how. Especially if you can do it two months in a row.

    1. Lusty

      Which specific numbers are you trying to hit? Remember IOPS numbers depend on your block size before complaining!

      It's nice to finally see a storage on AWS that can sensibly be used for backup either way.

  2. Adam 52 Silver badge

    gp2 seems to max out with 64kB blocks at 110MB/sec and sc1 with at 512kB (but 32kB isn't much worse) with 100MB/sec.

    For backup why not s3 or s3/glacier? Cheaper on a per GB basis and you can parallel read/write until your network bandwidth is saturated.

    1. Lusty

      What instance type are you using? Not all of them can drive the throughput and since you're topping out at about 1Gbps that seems a likely candidate.

      Glacier is unsuitable for backup as its not designed to allow data to come back, it's targeted at archival. S3 is orders of magnitude more expensive than the new cold option, which has been designed with use cases such as backup in mind.

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